Architectural Wood Turning Services

I run a small workshop and have been involved in a vast range of projects from small one-off bespoke work that requires attention to detail (e.g. that one missing spindle, a unicorn horn for a sculpture etc) to the production of spindles for short to medium runs. I’m always very keen to work with the customer to achieve your desired ends. The people I have worked for include:

  • Furniture makers and restorers
  • Joinery workshops
  • Shop fitters
  • General public
  • Architects

What’s special about my work?
All of my work is hand woodturning, which is my preferred technique to allow me to reproduce fine detail and ensures you get a quality product. I’ve worked as a joiner for 35 years and, in that time, woodturning has always been a passion and a key element of my career.


Staircase made in oakReclaimed oak staircase, newels from old oak gate posts and spindles from air dried oak. This was a fine addition to a country property.







A porch that demonstrates turning and carving. The client was very happy with this design to complete their porch.